In my previous post on Tips on  Quality Hiring, I had discussed few points on maintaining the quality of the startup team. The downside of high recruitment standards is slow team expansion and thus slow growth of the products. Few tips around accelerating the process are discussed below. If you are worried on the slow hiring rate like many other startups, this post should be useful.

1. Widen your reach: As a startup, you need to sell yourself to the potential hires. In order to have a bigger pool of quality candidates, it is worth shelling out some bucks. Give advertisements on job sites, conduct weekend job fairs, advertise the job openings on your website. Having a dedicated HR is effective.
2. Word of mouth: Startup relies heavily on the word of mouth for brand recognition. Status updates on networking sites for job openings, personal e-mails to friends, tweets, all can be useful to get CVs. Introduce referral bonus program within the organization.
3. Company Website: Startup website should attract candidates and give useful information on why should one work with you. Focus should be given on references from the associated clients, partnerships, employees. Highlight work culture, team (happy faces), long-term vision, milestones.
4. Expand slow: Word of caution, expand but do not explode. Culture and productivity can easily go for a toss. Expansion should be done in chunks.
5. Pre-interview Engagement: Strong pitch call should be done to describe the nature of business and work. Risk involved and work expectations should be clearly stated to filter out non-interested candidates.
6. Heavy interview process: Quality interview can be conducted by a quality team. Candidate should understand and appreciate the desired skill level of the organization.
7. Post interview motivation: Details on the project, importance of the work, technology space should be highlighted. Candidate should be made to feel a part of the team. Share ramp-up materials if the candidate comes from a different domain.
8. Fatter salary package: As a startup, compensation has to be higher than the market. Every candidate does not appreciate the equity participation. Though it varies on individual basis.
9. Terms and conditions: Employment terms like salary breakups should be clearly stated out. Any queries should be aptly clarified.
10. Maintain Pipeline: All the candidates you give out offer letters to do not actually join. It is advisable to keep interviewing.

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  1. I found this looking for something else, and have to say found it very informative. thanks and keep up the good work.

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