It has been close to one year since I have been writing this blog.
Some things I have learnt about writing a good blog.

1. Good content
Blog is all about content. Original, genuine and interesting content is what everybody looks out for. One post should focus on a theme and have sufficient sources for further information. Your posts are good if your close friends devote time to read through them and share them further. Another way to gauge the interest level is by monitoring the number of comments your receive.
2. Hosted site
One can create a blog site in two minutes using or blogger or other provider. Sooner or later, the limitations unleash. You do not have the full control on your blog in terms of plugins, limited themes, monetize. Its better to have site hosted with full control. I am a happy customer with hostgator and using wordpress for blogs.
3. Pictures
One picture says more than 100 words. Adding a small funny photo around the theme of the post helps attract the user to read through the blog. Post also becomes interesting and easy to remember.
4. Theme
Choose a good neat theme for your website. For example, I am using PageLines. There are numerous free themes available with wordpress.
5. Logo
Have a simple logo. I used following site to create it for free. Visitors can remember you easily.

Another good site to create logos and business cards

6. Social Sharing
Have some plugin installed for social sharing. Links to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn are useful. For example, I have used Digg Digg plugin for floating vertical bar and horizontal fixed bar.
7. Email subscription
Allow people to subscriobe to your blog. Any new posts can directely reach their inbox. I have used Feedburner.
8. Google Analytics
Identify your visitors by geography, browser, time of visit, referals. Google Analytics is an amazing tool, very simple to use and gives all the minute details.
9. Code Highlighter
If you ae writing a programming related blog. You need some plugin which lets you write code snippets. In absence of which, all the syntax when converted to HTML becomes garbled. I have used Code Colorer
10. Spam filter
There are automated spams comments which keep coming on the blog. Some tool can be used to filter out the unwanted crap. I have enabled Akismet on WordPress, works smoothly. Very accurate.

Will update with more tools.

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