Startup success depends on innovation, creativity and time to deliver. Great developers know what to do and how to do. Only thing which they do not want is disturbance. Noise and Interruptions are two major productivity killers. Lets understand these problems and then discuss an innovative solution.

Cross-noise from surrounding workplaces is annoying at times. Unfortunately, companies cannot always afford a separate room for everybody. Space and infrastructure cost do not allow them in first place. Even using headphones does not always work.
Guess what is the biggest interruption at workplace? Most programmers will agree with me, it is the MEETINGS. Meetings are frequent waste of productive man-hours. Team meetings should always be done over lunch/coffee/snacks sessions. Decision making, project tracking should be encouraged over chats and e-mails instead of scheduling meetings.

Solution : Startup Labour Room
Rather than wasting space for meeting rooms, create a “Startup Labour Room”.
Developers should utilize this room whenever they want to deliver (maximize their productivity)
Such room should be no-disturbance room, nobody should be allowed to talk, no cell phones, absolute pin-drop silence. Just pure development, nothing else. The result of labour rooms will be high quality products delivered on time. Try it.

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