Becoming a startup specialist is not everybody’s game. ¬†If you want an easy life with less work, limited responsibility, startup is not your cup of tea.
Working in a startup is like walking the ramp in a lingerie fashion show.  Apologies for the bizarre comparison, but I have some valid points.

  • Your assets are clearly visible to everyone in the team
  • You have no covers for mistakes
  • Independence and style give you the spotlight

Startups are Fun. Startups are Productivity. Startups are Experience.

Some of the qualities one must nurture on the path to becoming a startup specialist.


1. Whatever It Takes (Result-orientation)

Every task assigned has only one outcome, achievement. Be a problem-solver and not just a problem-reporter. You are expected to go that extra mile to make it happen.

2. Work = Progress (Ownership)

Harder and smarter you work, more work you own. Startups are like games coaching camps where bar keeps raising. The winner always keeps self bar higher than the expected.

3. Baby’s Day Out (Independence)

Most likely, you are given one or more modules/projects(based on experience) to handle independently. Research, innovate, slog and excel, choose your style.

4. I know what you did last summer (Knowledge of module)

Since you develop things from scratch, within weeks, you become the king/queen of your areas. Your team mates come to you for consultation and learn from your experience. Knowledge shared is knowledge increased.

5. Here I Am (Slog when it matters)

Be sure to be there and deliver when it matters


1. To err is human (Repeat same mistakes)

When you do new things, mistakes are bound to happen. Make sure to learn from the mistakes and not repeat them.

2. Tell me what/how to do, and I will do it (Lack of innovation)

While developing a new thing, nobody knows the best possible way to do a thing. You have to step up, brain-storm and come out with the best possible solution.

3. It’s somebody else’s job to ensure I work and deliver (Bad attitude)

Unfortunately, management bandwidth is scarce in a startup. Nobody has time to micro-manage you. You got to be disciplined and regularly highlight your progress.

4. I work less than you and get better salary (Politics)

Startup or big team, such immature non-sense should be avoided. Some companies maintain very strict policies around salary and ratings discussions. Believe me, it is for the betterment of everyone. Facts in such gossips are mostly false.

5. My module is absolutely fine (Miss complete picture)

Your job is to deliver the product with complete functionality. There are really no strict boundaries between modules. Work like a team and not an individual. Stay open to help your team-mates.

Above is a small list highlighting the startup culture. All the best Startup Specialist!

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