Proper Address 
1. TO – Recipient could be checking only if they are in To and their name is in To. Make sure both are properly filled.
2. CC – Make sure to cc person one level above who is responsible. cc your manager and other party manager should be done.
3. Have your signature in the end, so recipient is aware who is he talking to and where to contact for follow-up. If your company has a signature template, follow that.
4. BCC can be dangerous to use in case of mistake. Review mail content properly when want to use it.
5. Content should be clear, concise, simple language.
6. Use bullets or numbering if multiple points are being discussed.
7. Do not use heavy vocabulary, local language or slang.
8. Be polite in content. Tough message should be given out diplomatically, make sure you get those reviewed as words can appear more angry than your actual message.
9. Read your own mail before clicking Send. If required, get it reviewed by your senior or peer. Check who all are in cc before clicking Send.
10. Make sure attachments are there if any
11. If discussing a past issue, make sure Reply on the previous mail chain is done
12. Capture telephonic conversations on email so that they can be used as reference in future. You can start the email by “As discussed on phone”
13. When replying to bullets or points, “Please find the responses embedded” can be used. Then reply with Company-Name>> or YourName>>  below each point
Highlighting using background colour is also useful to make your responses clearly readable. (Refrain from using multiple colours)
14. Try not to use any jokes, emoticons etc on client mails
15. Proper subject line should be there, summary of email should be made clear
16. Do not use capital letters. Use Capital letters only to highlight “NOT” or some abbreviations as necessary
17. While committing any dates to clients, make sure you have properly communicated internally as well
18. Emailing in chat style using dots “…” is not recommended
19. If you are committing a date, its your duty to follow-up internally and make sure delivery happens by that date. Or communication is done to client for the delay.
20. Check your mail account once every hour and respond wherever required
21. Before finishing your work day, make sure all client emails have been responded to. Any action required on those have been taken care of.
Email management
22. Early morning, login and clear any pending mails.
23. Use Vacation message when on planned leave
24. To properly manage emails, you can keep mails Unread on which you need to respond bit later.
25. Use Labels, Filters as appropriate, simple features help manage mails easily.
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