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Start-ups are about doing and trying things differently. Whether a start-up meets success or failure, the journey is always rewarding. From a new idea to getting funded to product execution to revenues, challenges come naturally. With each stage comes immense real-experience which no colleges teach. Today, the best talent in industry is choosing start-ups over big companies, below are some of the reasons based on my experience.

Technical Growth

  • Learning: Products are built from scratch. You get a dive into newer ideas and latest technologies. You are a part of big technology discussions, direct customer feedback.
  • Affiliation: Getting hired for a start-up is a reward in itself. Start-ups look for above average people only. CV value goes up.
  • Wear multiple hats: Work on multiple technologies, varied products. You will be responsible for more than two tasks
  • No processes: Processes are minimal, prime focus is on productivity.
  • Flat structure: There is really no hierarchy. Many start-ups even let people choose their own designations. There is really no meaning of promotions.
  • Decision Making: You are a part of big decisions, what path the product follows and why.
  • Realize your true potential: You can be as aggressive as you want. Challenging work is always there to grab. Enjoy sitting for long hours, realize your strengths and weaknesses.
  • Visible impact: Each short term goal is a building block in a long term goal. Every milestone counts.
  • Friends with CEO/CTO: Learn from the experiences of Gurus.
  • Become a Guru: With time, you become a specialist of a module, technology. People know you are the person to look forward to. Write a blog around that technology!

Work culture

  • Job Satisfaction: You treat your project as your own baby.
  • Positive Energy: You are always surrounded by self-motivated people. Energy level of group is always high.
  • Offensive Play: You face real problems head-on. You try to create a product which earns revenues. Big companies play defensive, to continue with sales targets of the products.
  • No manager: Management bandwidth is scarcest resource. Founder members also do the ground-work.
  • No politics: Information flow is transparent.
  • No dummy-appraisals: Only open-door discussions.

Relaxed Environment

  • Wear shorts/pyjamas: Formals are not mandatory unless your wife asks you to wear them.
  • Make friends not peers: Get to know everybody personally. Long term friends, with stories to tell.
  • Your style: Everybody knows what kind of tea/coffee you prefer.
  • Fun: Enjoy movie/cricket match during office hours
  • Vacations: Work on weekends, enjoy long block vacations

Financial Growth

  • Equity Participation: As the company grows, equity value grows in multiples of 10s, 100s.
  • Salary: Salary is not based on the age/experience, but on merit.
  • Benefits: There are many benefits/schemes/goodies from time to time.
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3 Responses to Why work in a startup?

  1. sangeetha says:

    Hi Ashish: I agree – start-ups are high-adrenaline environments best suited for those who require inordinate amounts of freedom, challenges and space to create from scratch – to bring about form and structure to something that previously didnt exist. Its about pioneering and adventure and real results that get measured in real time.

    And yes – start ups are where you create life-long bonds – each crisis and challenge that you need to overcome requires that you draw on your core strengths and also learn to draw on those of your colleagues. No one can afford to wear a corporate mask – no time for pretense or fake-ness. Real bonds built over real time.

    I love start-ups 🙂 am a start up junkie myself!!!

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  3. Hello, just wanted to mention, I enjoyed this blog post. It was inspiring. Keep on posting!

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