The whole world keeps aside specific days like Women’s day and Mother’s day to celebrate women and their role in this world. All these are important not because of the challenges women have faced historically in men’s world but to remind the world on the impact they create.

The concept of ‘Women Empowerment’, in my view, is a thing of the past. Its like asking for “Ram Mandir” in 2020 when everybody needs a cure for CoronaVirus. “Women Empowerment”, the name itself sends across a false idea that women need to be empowered. Why? Are we inferring that women are powerless? The fact is, women, all over the world and in all walks of life, are already an immense source of power and grit and not just lately but since forever.

Lets see some radical examples where women have exhibited immense power:-

1.Indira Gandhi

  • sterilisation of men to control population of India
  • operation Blue Star

2.Ma Anand Sheela

  • rise of the Osho movement
  • biggest citizenship fraud and murders
  • there is a movie on her (mis)achievements

3. Phoolan Devi

  • dacoit
  • later member of Indian Parliament
  • there is a movie on her life called Bandit Queen

4. Chanda Kochchar

  • facing allegations for loan fraud
  • before this she made ICICI best retail bank in her leadership

5. Chitra Ramakrishna

  • facing allegations for Unfair Trade Practices fraud
  • before this she made NSE best Indian stock exchange in her leadership

Women can and have exhibited power in both fair and unfair ways establishing the fact that they do not shy away from the harsh, unfair ways of life. These women have been real power players leaving the world baffled with their notoriety. 

At this point, you might be wanting to ask – Why then so many women across the world suffer so much from multiple issues such as harassment and inequality? That’s because, they haven’t realized the existence of that immense power and potential in them. Women don’t need empowerment. They need an awakening – Awakening to the fact that they are already powerful and can take over any challenge posed to them.

Unfortunate as it may seem, most women have been far away from this realization. As a result they have not been able to achieve as much they could have. Years of patriarchal conditioning has resorted women into pigeon-holed social roles and thought processes. The saddest part of this is reflected in the ways women limit themselves, rarely questioning the metaphorical ‘glass ceiling’ and even limiting other women by quoting social norms.

Biologically also, women are designed to grow faster than men. They start to speak and walk earlier than male counterpart kids. They gain height earlier than male kids.

Women! You already possess the power of the Universe; the power of creation and that of destruction. You can change the whole world once you realize this power!

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